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Chisholm Youth Family and Community Partnership 


Mission Statement
The mission of CYFCP  is to focus resources to build community, strengthen families, encourage healthy behaviors, and reduce the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs among youth.


Vision Statement
To create an environment where a child can build an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug-free lifestyle with peers, parents, school and community.


Members of the CYFCP coalition graduated from CADCA's National Coalition Academy February 2, 2016



Coalition members are focusing efforts on preventing youth marijuana use in Chisholm by addressing local conditions through several strategies.


Parent Education

Addressing Misperceptions

Addressing environmental factors  








Member Affiliation
The Coalition is made up of members from the various sectors of the community, who partner to provide prevention activities and programs through collaboration.   


  • Parents

  • Youth

  • ISD #695

  • UMCM Community Health Outreach

  • Chisholm Parks and Recreation

  • Chisholm Ambulance 

  • Chisholm Ministerium

  • HCC Upward Bound

  • Chisholm Police Department

  • Chisholm Chamber of Commerce

  • NE MN Region 2 RPC

  • Chisholm Tribune Press

  • Chisholm KIDS PLUS

  • Chisholm Community Members

  • Local Businesses 

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