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The KIDS PLUS program was established by the Northland Foundation to improve the well being of children and youth.

Through KIDS PLUS, local citizens - youth and adults from all sectors - work together to make their communities better places for children and youth to live and grow.

KIDS PLUS serves as a catalyst to create new opportunities for children and youth, to strengthen relationships across all ages; to shift community perception to view youth as contributors and valuable resources.

Kids Plus Staff

Cristina Griffiths-Executive Director


Ashley Heber-Program Coordinator


Debbie Wangensteen-Program Administrator


Board Of Directors 


Mark Wangensteen-First National Bank


Vern Manner- Chief of Police


Steve Cook- Chisholm City Council


Alida Casey- Pharmacist, Casey Drug 

Jim Varda- City Representative 

Chisholm KIDS PLUS is funded through grants from the Northland Foundation, White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, Youth Intervention Program Association, United Way, and generous donations from local businesses and individuals. 

The Vision.....


To develop a comprehensive program that will create an environment where a child can build a positive healthy lifestyle with peers, parents, school and community.


The Mission....


To Provide opportunities to support pro-social behaviors, positive relationships with adults, positive role models, and parent school, and community involvement.

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